Club Name: Asociacion Deportiva Guanacasteca

Stadium: Estadio Chorotega

Nickname(s): La Furia de la Pampa

Manager: Luis Fernando Fallas

Club Honors

Liga De Ascenco: 2 

Style of Play

Guanacasteca plays in a 5-4-1. Guanacasteca does not play like a 5-4-1.

The most utilized formation in Costa Rica experiences an aggressive makeover in Guanacaste. A predictable low block is countered by an aggressive pressing game. Opposing defenders are baited into unnecessary turnovers. Naturally, goal-scoring opportunities are created, but individual weaknesses are also left exposed and later exploited with an even more aggressive press higher up the pitch. 

On the ball, it’s route-one futbol for Guanacasteca. The objective is to send the ball vertically and inside the area as quickly as possible. Even if a goal-scoring opportunity isn’t produced, the ariel duels allow for countless fouls in the attacking half. 

Set-piece goals are an extension of Guanacasteca’s attack in these moments. It’s a sustainable style of play for a club looking to survive promotion. 

Best XI


Player Name: Anthony Contreras
Player Rating: ★★★★
Date of Birth: 2000-Jan-29
Age: 22
Citizenship: Costa Rica
Primary Position: Striker
Position Style: Target Man
2021 Clausura: 3.50
2022 Apertura: 4.08
Player Name: Brandon Aguilera
Player Rating: ★★★★
Date of Birth: 2003-Jun-28
Age: 18
Citizenship: Costa Rica
Primary Position: Central Midfielder
Position Style: Creative Playmaker
2021 Clausura: 2.81
2022 Apertura: 3.67
Player Name: Joseph Bolaños
Player Rating: ★★★
Date of Birth: 1998-Jul-16
Age: 23
Citizenship: Costa Rica
Primary Position: Winger
Position Style: Playmaking Winger
2021 Clausura: 3.47
2022 Apertura: 3.37

Squad Overview

#Player NamePositionPlaying Style2021 Grade
35Antonio TorresGKAerial Dominant3.27
1Mauricio VargasGKN/A3.20
20Pedro LealLBAttacking Fullback2.86
13Jason IngramLBAttacking Fullback
84Shawn JohnsonRBAttacking Fullback2.44
2Haxzel QuirosRBBalanced3.40
82Jeyland MitchellCBStopper2.90
5Yeison MolinaCBBalanced3.38
3Fernando PiñarCBStopper3.07
14Roger DiazDMDestroyer2.25
11Malcom PiloneDMDeep-Lying Playmaker3.00
8Dayron SanchezDMBox-to-Box2.75
12Josimar OliveroDMBox-to-Box2.73
24Suhander ZúñigaCMBox-to-Box3.07
10Brandon Aguilera10Creative Playmaker2.81
21Diego Velasquez10Creative Playmaker2.45
6Kendrick EnriquezLMWide Midfielder2.43
80Ariel ArauzWingerPlaymaking Winger3.00
18Joseph BolañosWingerPlaymaking Winger3.47
22Jedwin LesterWingerPlaymaking Winger1.50
70Steven MontielWingerPlaymaking Winger
16Nextaly RodriguezWingerPlaymaking Winger2.83
17Gederick ThorpeWingerPlaymaking Winger
9Leonardo Adams9Target Man2.83
33Nicolas Azofeifa9Mobile Striker2.50
7Anthony Contreras9Target Man3.50