Club Name: Club Sport Herediano

Stadium: Estadio Rosabal Cordero

Nickname(s): El Team, Los Florenses

Manager: Jafet Soto

Club Honors

League Titles: 29

CONCACAF League: 1 (2018)

Style of Play

Despite tinkering with multiple formations, Herediano still relies heavily on a two-striker system. Last season, that manifested itself in a 5-3-2. Even still, the 4-4-2 remains the most prominent system for El Team.

Especially when Jafet Soto feels like stepping in to manage, which feels like every other week.

Herediano’s direct style is built around a target man possessing aerial dominance. The ability to win vertical passes is the main objective. The second, more mobile striker, is looking to win the flick in behind, or receive a penetrating pass following a lay-off. The ability to go at defenders is an absolute necessity. The target man will often create 1v1 or 1v2 opportunities closer to goal.

This style of play is a direct result of Herediano frustrating the opposition’s attack, playing a lower block in defense. 

When the objective is not to get the ball to the target man in as few passes as possible, Herediano plays a more traditional style. The central midfielders are patient in possession. One striker drops in midfield to create numerical advantages. Possession will be recycled as needed. Both central midfielders will look to play between defensive lines, or to the wide midfielders. The use of width here is to provide service into the area, or combine with the overlapping fullback to do so. 

Herediano will not always rely on traditional wingers in this system, but rather players that possess the necessary attributes to provide service

Best XI

Key Players

Player Name: Gerson Torres
Player Rating: ★★★★★
Date of Birth: 1997-Aug-28
Age: 24
Citizenship: Costa Rica
Primary Position: Winger
Position Style: Playmaking Winger
2021 Clausura: 4.18
2022 Apertura: 3.67
Player Name: Yeltsin Tejeda
Player Rating: ★★★★
Date of Birth: 1992-Mar-17
Age: 30
Citizenship: Costa Rica
Primary Position: Defensive Midfielder
Position Style: Box-to-Box
2021 Clausura: 3.71
2022 Apertura: 3.67
Player Name: Yendrick Ruiz
Player Rating: ★★★★
Date of Birth: 1987-Apr-12
Age: 35
Citizenship: Costa Rica
Primary Position: Striker
Position Style: Target Man
2021 Clausura: 3.47
2022 Apertura: 3.35

Squad Overview

#Player NamePositionPlaying Style2021 Grade
1Esteban AlvaradoGKPenalty Specialist4.50
20Bryan SeguraGKShot Stopper3.59
31Carlos UmañaGKN/A3.00
37Keysher FullerRBAttacking Fullback3.07
97Rocky RodriguezRBAttacking Fullback
25Brandon BonillaLBCrossing Specialist3.13
90Waylon FrancisLBAttacking Fullback
11Diego GonzalezLBAttacking Fullback2.40
24Miguel BasultoCBBall-Playing Defender3.31
99Kenyor BrownCBStopper3.71
2Aaron SalazarCBBalanced4.07
16Ariel SotoCBStopper3.00
4Orlando GaloDMBalanced3.20
5Oscar GranadosDMDestroyer3.25
10Yeltsin TejedaDMBox-to-Box3.71
12Jefferson BrenesCMBox-to-Box3.00
23Alejandro Bran10Creative Playmaker3.00
28Gerson Torres10Creative Playmaker4.18
27Jewison BennetteWingerPlaymaking Winger3.04
22Kennedy RochaWingerPlaymaking Winger2.95
58Luis Miguel FrancoLMWide Midfielder3.27
94John Jairo RuizFWDAdvanced Playmaker3.08
21Jostin Daly9Target Man2.83
19Jonathan McDonald9Target Man3.08
77Jose Guilermo Ortiz9Target Man3.44
26Bryan Rojas9Mobile Striker3.14
7Yendrick Ruiz9Target Man3.47
15Kenneth Vargas9Mobile Striker3.35