Club Name: Asociación Deportiva y Recreativa Jicaral

Stadium: Estadio Jicaraleña

Nickname(s): El Huracan

Manager: Mauricio Solis

Club Honors

Promotion: 1 (2019)

Style of Play

Jicaral provides zero creativity on the ball. Jicaral provides zero creativity in defense. 

If there was ever a club that optimized the hard-hat, lunch-pail mentality, it’s them. 

Jicaral deploys the most vanilla 5-4-1 imaginable. Like most others, the restraining line drops to the halfway line; however, there are no pressing triggers. The opposition is welcome to penetrate the final third, understanding that breaking the last line of defense won’t be an easy task. Winning the ball cleanly to transition does not take precedence over clearing the lines. 

The counter is more qualitative than quantitative. 

Efficiency is crucial in every aspect of the game; efficient tackles, efficient clearances, and efficient finishing. The moments to transform a draw into three points are minimal. Avoiding those individual defensive mistakes allows the threat of the counter to remain prevalent for the full 90 minutes. 

Best XI

Key Players

Player Name: William Fernandez
Player Rating: ★★★
Date of Birth: 1994-May-15
Age: 27
Citizenship: Costa Rica
Primary Position: Central Back
Position Style: Sweeper
2021 Clausura: 2.79
2022 Apertura: 3.53
Player Name: Gustavo Mendez
Player Rating: ★★★
Date of Birth: 2000-Aug-23
Age: 21
Citizenship: Costa Rica
Primary Position: Central Midfielder
Position Style: Box-to-Box
2021 Clausura: N/A
2022 Apertura: 3.41
Player Name: Jairo Arrieta
Player Rating: ★★
Date of Birth: 1983-Aug-25
Age: 38
Citizenship: Costa Rica
Primary Position: Striker
Position Style: Mobile Striker
2021 Clausura: 1.75
2022 Apertura: 3.30

Squad Overview

#Player NamePositionPlaying Style2021 Grade
35Johnny AlvarezGKN/A
22Alejandro GomezGKShot Stopper3.40
1Bryan MoralesGKN/A
24Dilan BranRBAttacking Fullback
16Esteban CanoRBDefending Fullback2.92
12Guillermo MoralesRBDefending Fullback
14Edder NelsonRBBalanced2.81
3Matthew BolañosLBAttacking Fullback3.75
21Francisco FloresLBBalanced2.75
Jorge GutierrezLBAttacking Fullback2.83
Brayan MarinLBN/A
29Luis ObandoLBAttacking Fullback
34Leonel PeraltaLBAttacking Fullback2.00
5Kevin FajardoCBBalanced3.00
6William FernandezCBSweeper2.79
18Jose GarroCBStopper2.89
4Jason PrendasCBStopper2.58
15Luis Carlos FallasDMDestroyer2.58
2Nendali MendozaDMDestroyer
13Kevin PatiñoDMDestroyer2.50
20Jose TelloDMDestroyer2.63
27Johan BonillaCMCreative Playmaker
8Walter ChevezCMCreative Playmaker2.57
26Fred JuarezCMBox-to-Box
23Gustavo MendezCMBox-to-Box
Miguel TerceroCMN/A
30Kemar BeckfordWingerPlaymaking Winger
27Habraham GonzalezWingerPlaymaking Winger2.50
25Chevone MarshWingerPlaymaking Winger2.93
71Samuel RomanWingerPlaymaking Winger
37Keyshwen Arboine9Mobile Striker
19Jairo Arrieta9Mobile Striker1.75
11Carlos Barahona9Target Man
7Kenny Cunningham9Target Man2.50
28Palacios Martinez9Mobile Striker
9John Vizcaino9Target Man