San Carlos

Club Name: AD San Carlos

Stadium: Estadio Carlos Ugalde

Nickname(s): Toros del Norte

Manager: Douglas Sequeira

Club Honors

League Titles: 1 (2019)

Promotion: 6

Style of Play

You honestly don’t know what you will face when San Carlos lines up on the other side. 

Every tactic but the kitchen sink is a possibility.

  1. A 5-4-1 low block and counter
  2. High pressing 4-4-2
  3. A counterpressing 4-3-3
  4. A direct 3-5-2

At its apex, San Carlos’ approach to the game is the same bastardized version most clubs in Costa Rica rely on: a target man, direct service and width. It’s a sad truth, but when you have the personnel to execute it flawlessly, there’s no need to seek alternatives. The objective is to win games and San Carlos has done its fair share of winning since returning to the first division in 2018.

The direct service comes in three phases.

  1. Direct service to penetrate the final third and completely bypass the midfield
  2. Direct service to establish possession and exploit individual matchups 
  3. Direct service from wide areas in the final third

Pretty? God no, but it sure is effective. 

Best XI

Key Players

Player Name: Wilmer Azofeifa
Player Rating: ★★★
Date of Birth: 1994-Jun-04
Age: 27
Citizenship: Costa Rica
Primary Position: Central Midfielder
Position Style: Box-to-Box
2021 Clausura: 3.30
2022 Apertura: 3.67
Player Name: Alvaro Saborio
Player Rating: ★★★
Date of Birth: 1982-Mar-25
Age: 40
Citizenship: Costa Rica
Primary Position: Striker
Position Style: Target Man
2021 Clausura: 3.60
2022 Apertura: 3.05
Player Name: Juan Luis Perez
Player Rating: ★★★★
Date of Birth: Jun 29, 1999
Age: 22
Citizenship: Costa Rica
Primary Position: Center Back
Position Style: Stopper
2021 Clausura: 3.60
2022 Apertura: 3.62

Squad Overview

#Player NamePositionPlaying Style2021 Grade
1Jason VegaGKReflex Dominant2.83
26Jose ContrerasGKN/A
2Carlos MartinezRBBalanced3.38
29Daniel VargasRBAttacking Fullback
12Jose David SanchezLBAttacking Fullback3.00
24Jose SosaLBCrossing Specialist3.50
4Erick CabalcetaCBStopper2.83
19Juan Luis PerezCBStopper3.60
5Yosel PiedraCBN/A
16Cristian MartinezDMAnchor2.80
23Esteban RodriguezDMBox-to-Box3.00
35Sebastian AcunaCMAnchor
39Fabian ArroyoCMCreative Playmaker
20Wilmer AzofeifaCMBox-to-Box3.30
6Kadeem ColeCMCreative Playmaker3.00
10Alvaro Sanchez10Classic 102.33
77Raheem ColeWingerPlaymaking Winger3.25
21Rachid ChirinoWingerPlaymaking Winger3.00
91Yair JaenWingerPlaymaking Winger
44Andrey SotoWingerPlaymaking Winger2.50
7Jeffrey ValverdeWingerPlaymaking Winger3.10
11Roberto CordobaFWDCreative Playmaker2.88
22Brian Calabrese9Target Man
14Marcos Mena9Mobile Striker2.40
9Alvaro Saborio9Target Man3.60