Sporting FC

Club Name: Sporting Futbol Club

Stadium: Estadio Ernesto Rohrmoser

Nickname(s): Albinegro

Manager: Jose Giacone

Club Honors

Promotion: 1 (2020)

Style of Play

Defending isn’t a tactic for Sporting FC, it’s a lifestyle.

Formations aside, the soul of Sporting’s approach to the game is to defend first, pray second and score third. Well, attempt to score third. The entire formation settles into a low block 30-40 yards from goal. The opposition has complete freedom to pass around the entire formation, just never through it.

Long diagonals, balls over the top (against a keeper-sweeper) and shots from distance are conceded to an extent. Center backs with stopper qualities play a key role in intercepting balls, challenging attackers in wide areas and blocking shooting lanes in front of goal. Frustration builds over time, as opposing attacks find ways to unlock a stubborn defense.

When attackers attempt to cut through the teeth of the defense, they are met with an aggressive press designed to create turnovers and switch possession of the ball. Counterattacks are sparked in these moments. They’re just not consistently successful. 

Chances are few and far between. Sporting is too defensive-oriented, but so long as the opposition is suffocated, Sporting always has a puncher’s chance.

Best XI


Player Name: Randall Azofeifa
Player Rating: ★★★
Date of Birth: 1984-Dec-30
Age: 37
Citizenship: Costa Rica
Primary Position: Defensive Midfielder
Position Style: Deep-Lying Playmaker
2021 Clausura: 3.67
2022 Apertura: 3.84
Player Name: Luis Flores
Player Rating: ★★★★
Date of Birth: 1994-Jan-23
Age: 28
Citizenship: Costa Rica
Primary Position: Defensive Midfielder
Position Style: Deep-Lying Playmaker
2021 Clausura: 3.60
2022 Apertura: 3.90
Player Name: Christopher Meneses
Player Rating: ★★★
Date of Birth: 1990-May-02
Age: 31
Citizenship: Costa Rica
Primary Position: Left Back
Position Style: Balanced Fullback
2021 Clausura: 2.86
2022 Apertura: 3.35


#Player NamePositionPlaying Style2021 Grade
23Alexander LezcanoGKShot Stopper2.75
35Carlos MendezGKN/A
1Adonis PinedaGKN/A
3Dennis CastilloRBDefending Fullback2.90
2Yostin SalinasRBBalanced2.90
6Jose SalvatierraRBBalanced2.70
14Christopher MenesesLBBalanced2.86
29Riogoberto JimenezLBAttacking Fullback4.00
4Jaikel MedinaCBStopper3.00
21Roy MillerCBStopper4.50
28Joaquin AguirreDMDestroyer3.00
12Randall AzofeifaDMDeep-Lying Playmaker3.67
5Luis FloresDMDeep-Lying Playmaker3.60
24Jonathan MartinezCMCreative Playmaker2.88
18Jose Paulo Rodriguez10Creative Playmaker2.94
10Bryan Vega10Creative Playmaker2.00
8Esteban RamirezRMWide Midfielder2.17
25Berny BurkeWingerPlaymaking Winger2.92
16Geancarlo CastroWingerPlaymaking Winger3.00
17Diego MadrigalWingerPlaymaking Winger2.83
7Brayan LopezWingerPlaymaking Winger3.29
22Harry RojasWingerPlaymaking Winger3.00
77Barlon SequeiraWingerPlaymaking Winger2.95
Franco Caballero9Target Man2.00
9Lauro Cazal9N/A
30Giovannie Clunie9Target Man3.00
11Roger Rojas9Target Man2.86